How To Apply:

Before submitting an application, we encourage you to review our Admissions Process and Policies.

  • Schedule a tour: All prospective families are required to visit the school for a tour. Admission Open Houses and Tours at our Laurel Drive Campus are held on Wednesday and Friday mornings at 9:30am, or by appointment. To RSVP for a Wednesday or Friday tour, or to schedule a tour at a more convenient time, please contact us.
  • Submit an application: we recommend you submit an application as soon as possible in order to be considered for the limited available openings.
    • Download application – download, print and complete application, return to MSLF with $50 application fee.


The Montessori School of Lake Forest does not discriminate against students, applicants for admission, faculty, other employees, or parents on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion, creed, age, disability, or any other characteristic. Placement in a class is at the discretion of the educational staff. Each classroom is a community of children balanced to the extent possible with regard to age, sex and previous Montessori experience. Each child will be advanced to the next level at the recommendation of the child’s Director.

Enrollment preference is given to: 1) students returning to the same group; 2) students graduating to the next level; 3) the sibling of a returning student; 4) the sibling of a former student; 5) Montessori transfer student; 6) other applicants. Applicants not placed will be put in a waiting pool.