New artist-in-residence program brings summer workshops to MSLF

Montessori School of Lake Forest launched its first Artist in Residence program this past school year with abstract landscape artist, Kathleen Warren. The objective of this initiative was to engage students in the process of different, alternative and unique art forms. Through workshops and exploration, participants had the opportunity to learn this method, the technique and subsequently individualize a piece. They brought their thoughts, ideas and vision together with friends to create a larger, collaborative work, now proudly displayed in the school rotunda.   









MSLF is now partnered with Libertyville artist Jenny Sweeney for a summer residency of new and exciting workshops. 

Sweeney is a celebrated, multi-talented local Libertyville artist. Her art is sunny and upbeat. Influenced by being a peace-loving child of the 1970’s, she finds inspiration in the natural world around her.  The colors are radiant and warm, filling the ‘canvas’, whatever that might be, with good vibes. From miniature masterpieces to big, bold canvases that make a statement, one cannot help but find something that speaks directly to them.

At the core of the program is MSLF’s vast outdoor classroom, and the inspiration and education derived from it. Focused on the utilization of the world around them – nature, leaves, stones, flowers, branches, feathers – the list is infinite, students of various ages were able to participate in three very unique and inspiring workshops.  

The youngest students used simple found, forgotten or collected items and explored collage work to create a new treasure at the Tinker Trays & Found Objects workshop. Primary students, inspired by the beautiful blooming flowers around them, used recycled materials, and a collection of things from the art cupboards to create a giant flower garden at the Giant Flower Making workshop.








MSLF hosted the final workshop, Build Your Own Cardboard City, for students 6 years or older on Aug. 6.  Students used recycled boxes, collected materials and created their own unique, large-scale building. The project was completed when students came together to assemble a colorful and eclectic city. 








Here are photos from Jenny Sweeney’s workshops:


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