Chicago-based Montessori High School to Open

482027_406276329422305_651554384_nBeacon Academy, a private Montessori high school, will open its doors in Fall 2014. Several Chicago-area Montessori schools, including MSLF, are lending support to this effort in many different ways. The presence of a local Montessori high school means wonderful opportunities for graduates of MSLF’s Adolescent Program. Please take a moment to learn more by visiting Beacon Academy’s web site at beaconacademy.tumblr.com

We hope you enjoy what you discover about Beacon Academy, which will be a high school where all the students love to learn and want to go to school every day, just as the younger children and adolescents do now. Beacon has recently hired Jeff Bell as Principal, and we will keep you informed of the school’s ongoing progress. If you have immediate questions, please feel free to call MSLF’s office.

Opening Doors: Chicago Area Montessori High School
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