Dear Community,

At MSLF, the administration, parents, teachers, and children share one common value: We are all committed to participating in the best Montessori education we can achieve. Together, our focus is always the child.

In the United States, we worry a lot about the state of education because we understand how difficult it is to thrive in a democracy, and how difficult it is to keep pace with social and technological developments. We learn how American students and schools compare to international peers, and we know that traditional education has been struggling for decades. Over and over again, earnest researchers and practitioners puzzle out what children need to know and how to get them to know it. Not many have focused on how children learn. But since Montessori education is predicated on brain development, here at MSLF we understand how your children learn, we know what to teach them, and when. That is the time-tested secret of Montessori education.

Montessori education has been working very well for more than 100 years. Unlike our traditional school counterparts who grapple with changing standards indicating what and how to teach, we as Montessorians do not have to keep testing or changing the pedagogy. Rather, we are confident that the Montessori Method produces effective results…Montessori students learn the languages of math and literature and social life so well that they grow up to invent the new technologies and systems that everyone else races to attain. We live in a world that is already strongly influenced by the inventions of Montessori alumni, from the founders of Google, Amazon and Wikipedia to Helen Keller, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and George Clooney. There is no telling how the world will change as the Montessori alumni population grows.

If you wonder whether your child’s Montessori education will keep pace with the Common Core Standards, please click on these links. CCSS ARTS and LITERACY and CCSS MATH and GEOMETRY They will show you that you have chosen a complete pedagogy which offers a comprehensive and brain-development appropriate curriculum via developmentally attuned teaching methods. This curriculum has been tested all over the world and is as relevant in 21st century Lake County as it was in early 20th century Rome. It is sought out by admissions counselors in the best high schools and colleges around the country. And on top of all this, it is a system of education that teaches children to be respectful and self-respecting, and to tie their own shoes at an early age! What more can you ask for?

We encourage you to see for yourself what a Montessori education can offer to you and your child. Please feel free to call us and schedule your visit.

I look forward to welcoming you to our school.


Ann Jordahl
Executive Director