Feeding the Powerful and Hungry Mind

Christian Noble webDear MSLF Families,

“The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them.”  — Albert Einstein

MSLF Elementary students see problems all around them and find solutions.  Imagine the level of commitment and thinking they will bring to the world-problems they will face as adults.

Over the past school year, MSLF’s Elementary students:

  • Have raised money for UNICEF, organized a book drive, donated class funds and labored to repair the story ring wall, volunteered to help in Toddler classes, persistently communicated to avoid fighting, raised money for rainforest preservation.
  • Managed classroom budgets based on necessities, savings, and discretionary spending, differentiated between needs and wants and set priorities of needs.
  • Committed themselves to lesson and practice work schedules, drew maps, created posters, wrote reports, built models, drafted timelines, studied civics, practiced math facts and vocabulary words, learned pre-algebra and geometry by hand, learned the parts of speech through action and symbolizing, learned engineering by building a computer, developed focus, memory and high standards by writing in cursive using cartridge and dip pens, published newsletters, used microscopes to study cells, identified evolutionary sequences, performed complex dissections, and much, much more.

Elementary education is the great Montessori secret!  Elementary children grow fast, focus on problem- solving, use compassion to face loss, want to work in groups and learn how to lead.  These qualities point to the Elementary child’s strongest trait:  A powerful and hungry mind.

Excellent Elementary education is vital, for a child’s brain will never again be as receptive and powerful as it is during the years from 6 to 12.  Elementary age brains need to be stimulated and guided by inspiring and knowledgeable educators who feed learning via the vast Montessori Elementary curriculum of “cosmic education.”  MSLF Elementary students connect to the world in complex and challenging ways.  They grow up to join the ranks of the innovators and problem-solvers who make their childhood visions come true.

Join an Elementary class for an observation.  You’ll see that these students have things to learn and places to go, and they’ll reach their goals by hand, on foot, by telephone and Skype, through planning, hard work and practice, by committee and meeting, by appointment, by car and public transit, and on the wings of their soaring imaginations!  Travel with these adventurers as they investigate the myriad realities of the cosmos they call home.

Best Wishes, and see you down in Elementary!
Ann Jordahl
Executive Director

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