To develop the whole child, cultivate curiosity and a lifelong love of learning, and give each MSLF child a strong foundation for life.


Evolve in relevant and measurable ways the principles of Montessori education for the benefit of the children of the 21st century.


Excellence in Education: We achieve excellence in education by inspiring children toward their full social and intellectual potential. We will continue to attract, support and retain the most qualified classroom director’s from both AMS and AMI to insure a complete prepared environment and optimal learning experiences.

Respect for the Child: We respect each child and are committed to guiding each student on his own individual path to independence and intellectual development.

Self Development and Self Knowledge: We value learning in prepared environments as a way to promote natural curiosity, self‐development, and self knowledge.

Appreciation of the Natural World: We value the outdoor environment as a way to cultivate the child’s inborn appreciation of nature and human beings’ age-old role as stewards of the natural world.

Diversity and Cooperation: We value carefully balanced classrooms which provide diversity in age, background, and skill level as a way to teach cooperation, mutual respect, and peaceful resolution of conflicts‐critical skills of effective citizens in a democratic society.

Engaged Communities: We value the active involvement of family, faculty, and friends.

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