Montessori School of Lake Forest Announces Hope Allegretti as Executive Director

Montessori School of Lake Forest Board President Kelly Dunn Rynes is thrilled to announce the appointment of Hope Allegretti to the position of Executive Director. “Hope has been a valued and integral part of MSLF for more than 15 years and during her time as Interim and Acting Executive Director this past 2019-2020 school year, she has led our school through unforeseen challenges and met them head on with strong and thoughtful leadership,” said Kelly Dunn Rynes. “MSLF has been thriving under her direction and we are so proud to have Hope continue as our community’s leader.”

Hope first joined MSLF in the summer of 2004 and over the years has served in many positions including Toddler Assistant, Primary Assistant and permanent substitute. She earned her BA in Elementary Education from Southern Illinois University, completed her AMI Primary training in San Diego, and finally earned her Master’s Degree in Montessori Education from Loyola College in the fall of 2008. In 2016 Hope became the Admission & Marketing Director. Hope’s career path at MSLF is a testament to her unwavering commitment to Montessori education and the strong sense of community at MSLF.

“My passion for Montessori education began 16 years ago when I joined the Montessori School of Lake Forest community and I am proud to say that MSLF has become my family and the teachers and staff have been my mentors and my friends, not only my colleagues,” said Hope Allegretti. “My dedication to our school is steadfast and I am honored to have the privilege of being Executive Director and working alongside our families and staff to instill the lifelong love of learning in our students.”

By unanimous decision, the Board of Directors, led by President Kelly Dunn Rynes, appointed Hope Allegretti this assignment. Hope’s commitment and leadership to MSLF as well as the staff and community’s trust in her made this appointment the right choice to uphold and propel the vision and mission of MSLF.

The Board of Directors includes a dedicated and passionate group of leaders returning for the 2020-2021 school year: Riley O’Neil (Vice President), Nathan Hintz (Treasurer), Alexandra Bernardin (Secretary), Mary Coduti, Samantha Falbe, Lou Fernandez, Ben Grum, Kathryne Martin, Jeffrey Mills, Dean Shaffer, and Kim Wisneski

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