School Closings

“School Closed” means that no classes are in session, and no Club Day coverage is available. These days are reserved for teacher in-service dates or holidays observed by the school.

Consult the School Calendar for scheduled dates on which MSLF will be closed.

In order to serve the year-round needs of working parents, MSLF’s Laurel Drive Campus is open on Club Days, when the school would otherwise be closed according to a traditional school calendar.  The Adolescent Program at the Blue House Campus is closed on Club Days.

Students in Toddler, Primary or Elementary classes can be enrolled in Club Days during the enrollment process. Individual Club Day requests for Primary or Elementary may be made at least 24 hours in advance. Space is limited in both programs. Individual Club Day requests are not available for the Toddler program.

Consult the School Calendar for scheduled Club Days. If you have questions about your enrollment or availability for Club Days, please contact Teresa Pavelich.


In case of severe weather that requires MSLF to close, employees and parents will receive a phone call announcing the closing.

The decision to close is based on many factors and how they impact our school community, including extremes of temperature, wind, precipitation; travel conditions; the condition of the school’s buildings and parking areas; the needs of working parents; the safety of employees, parents, and students.  Since MSLF does not operate school buses, it may remain open when public schools close.

Every effort will be made to notify parents as early as possible of an emergency closing.  In the event that the school has no water/heat/electricity, classes will not be held.

If the school closes during a school day due to a power failure or other emergency, children must be picked up by a parent or an emergency contact person within one hour of notification.

Employees and families must decide whether or not it will be safe for them to travel to school when the weather is severe but the school is open.  If an employee or a family chooses to stay home from school due to weather, they should notify the school of their absence as usual in the case of an absence.

Once enrolled at MSLF, all parents are added to our calling system, used to alert the MSLF community of any emergency closings. In the event that the school would need to be closed for an emergency, you would receive an automated call from this system alerting you to the details. We also send an email to the MSLF community with the details of the closing.

If you need to update your email or phone number, please contact Lynn Dolister.

Emergency Closing Center

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