Hope Allegretti

Hope first joined MSLF in the summer of 2004. She earned her BA in Elementary Education from Southern Illinois University in 2007, completed her AMI Primary training in San Diego in the spring of 2008, and her Master’s Degree in Montessori Education from Loyola College in the fall of 2008. Hope has served as a permanent substitute, Toddler Assistant, Primary Assistant, as well as many other roles at MSLF.  After a short break in 2014 to focus on her role as a mom, she returned to MSLF as the Admission & Marketing Director in the fall of 2016. The Board of Directors named Hope the Interim Executive Director starting in the summer of 2019, and subsequently she was named Executive Director in July 2020. Her four children attend MSLF’s Upper Elementary, Lower Elementary, and Primary programs.