Summer Splash 2014

summersplashSummer Splash is a natural extension of MSLF’s distinguished school year curriculum. During the summer, we transform to offer all-inclusive summer fun. Families with Full-Year contracts are automatically enrolled in our Summer Splash. Our 2014 program spans eight weeks and is conveniently organized into four available sessions. Students may attend one or more sessions and may stay for a half or full day.

This summer all of our sessions focus on a child’s natural desire to explore…and explore…and explore some more. This exploration takes on different forms, of course, based on a child’s age. We have identified four areas of great interest across our student body — health, chemistry, nature and water — and have themed our sessions accordingly. We will “dig deep” into each of these areas of knowledge and learn in ways that fulfill our expansive curiosities.

The Toddler, Primary and Elementary programs offer age-appropriate activities for children looking to explore, be challenged and relax this summer. Individualized swim instruction, field trips, sports, arts, nature recreation and “special days” provide a well-rounded summer experience.

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Executive Director for the Day…Thomas Tobin

Thomas Tobin

The Administrative Team at MSLF was privileged to have Mr. Thomas Tobin serve yesterday as the Executive Director for the Day. Thomas did a wonderful job shepherding children in from morning carpool and assisting Ms. Jordahl with decisions regarding school procedures and current hot topics. He was seen around the building throughout the day helping Mr. Kevin address classroom issues, and spent time with the Business and Marketing offices. Most importantly, he made himself available as a resource to the other children, who really enjoyed having a peer leader for the day. Thomas did a truly outstanding job. He was calm under pressure, had a smile for everyone, and spread a real sense of joy throughout the building. He sat down with us for a brief interview before he wrapped up his day as the head of school:

BW: Thomas, what is so special to you about MSLF?
Thomas: Easy…we get to do our own work, have fun, and we stay confident.

BW: What is good about being a student here?
Thomas: I enjoy all of the teachers here. You always know there is someone there to help you if you need it.

BW: Why do you think a family might want to come to MSLF?
Thomas: Montessori has our own way of doing things. This is a private school with great teachers and a great education.

Summer Camp Enrollment

Although it’s cold and snowy today, we are frantically planning for another spectacular summer at MSLF! Enrollment forms for Summer Splash 2014 were mailed yesterday, so please keep your eyes open. MSLF is a fun and relaxing place to spend the summer, and we invite all of our friends to join us. Remember that if you are a full-year family, your child is automatically signed up for camp. Please contact Ellen Pavelich at 847-918-1000 x303 with any questions.

Please click here for the enrollment form.

Superwoman Was Already Here!

Superwoman Was Already Here! is an animated adaptation of the Montessori philosophy of education by Daniel C. Petter-Lipstein (who lists Harvard College and Columbia Law School as his alma maters). We enjoyed it so much that we decided to share here with you. Thanks for watching.