Summer Camp Details

summersplash_postThis year’s MSLF Summer Camp will feature a different continent each week; the schedule follows below. Along with exposure to each continent’s history, culture and traditions, campers will have opportunities to swim twice a week with Michael Shanahan, the new swim instructor, cook once a week with Julia Lunn, visit the local Farmers’ Markets, and take trips to the Lake Bluff Library and Lake Forest Beach.

The Elementary Camp activities will be nature-based, academic, customized to the campers’ interest levels, student-driven, and will place an emphasis on team-building. Opportunities may include working with tools to learn some basic woodworking skills and gardening; exploring outdoor environments both at MSLF and area forest preserves; bringing back samples from their explorations to study under a microscope; and studying various cultures. Plans include hosting Pioneer Week, where students will learn to cook outdoors using Dutch ovens, play colonial games, and experience an Oregon Trail simulation. An Overnight Camp-Out on the MSLF property may be offered once per session.

Week 1:  South America

Week 2: Africa

Week 3 & 4: North America

Week 5: Austrailia

Week 6: Europe

Week 7: Antarctica

Week 8: Asia


A Cause for Paws, by Olivia Vrablik




In January, as is the tradition for ninth grade students in the Adolescent Program, I made plans to make chocolate covered strawberries for a Valentine’s Day fundraiser.  Along with the help of 8th year students Alaina Lykins, and Anna and Catherine Kubiak, we made a total of $393 in profits. When I was deciding where to donate the money, I ultimately choose an organization that I had some experience with in the past, Orphans of The Storm. Our family often visits the animals there and we were there recently, and I realized that even the smallest donation can help the animals.

One of the most important elements of choosing where I would donate the funds was donating somewhere that was important to me and somewhere I have some experience working with, because it would allow me to see where the money would be going, and how it was being used. This organization is also one that is trustworthy because of its longevity and relevance in the North Shore community. Not only have they been around for almost 100 years, they are also so welcoming when you go to visit the animals and you feel that they really care about their cause. Orphans of the Storm was founded in October of 1928 by dancer and actress Irene Castle, and ever since, the organization has been a home for animals in need of a safe home. The money raised will go towards buying food for the dogs and cats, and medical attention that the animals would need while at the shelter.

Thank you to everyone who purchased chocolate covered strawberries to help fund my donation!

– Olivia Vrablik

Video from MSLF’s Dare to Soar Benefit

Thank you Michael McAfee for producing this beautiful video of our school.