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Benefit 2016 Newsletter #1

rootsIf you haven’t done so already, NOW is the time to purchase your tickets to this years Annual Benefit which will take place on Saturday, April 30, 2016, at our Laurel Drive Campus. Information and materials about the Where Our Roots Are Benefit are available in the rotunda and on our website: www.mslf.org/benefit/

The theme Where Our Roots Are was chosen because 50 years ago, a group of parents came together with the vision to establish a school based on Dr. Montessori’s educational theories. They founded MSLF as a not-for profit organization and put down the roots for the first MSLF students. This year we celebrate these roots as we prepare to mark the 50th Anniversary of the school’s opening in August of 2016.

The Benefit is one of two key fundraisers held annually at MSLF. Last year our “Fund a Need” raised $31,750 to enhance technology on both campuses and install a new audio-visual system! Hosting the One Earth Film Festival, using audio/visual technology at The Whoot, and the Elementary play are just a few of the ways our community has made very good use of our new upgrades. Thank you so much!

This year our “Fund A Need” is: Strengthening Our Roots by Investing in Teacher’s Continuing Education. As you told us in our recent Parent Survey, our teachers are the roots of MSLF. Professional development and support for continuing education for our teachers is crucial to maintaining excellence in teaching. By investing in our teachers, we are investing in our children. Just as our children are eager to learn and challenge themselves, so are our teachers. Supporting their continued professional growth promotes innovative teaching ideas, that build on Dr. Montessori’s principals, fostering environments that stimulate, provoke and excite. We hope that you can help to support this goal of investing in continuing education for our beloved teachers.

If you are interested in helping in any way or have any questions about the Benefit please contact Kathleen or Kirstin.

Thank you we look forward to Celebrating Where Our Roots Are with you!

Kathleen and Kirstin

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