Bye, Bye Buckthorn Project Wraps-Up

Montessori School of Lake Forest partners with Lake Forest Open Lands Association, and Lake County Forest Preserves on their Woody Invasive Species Clearing Project.

Students at the Montessori School of Lake Forest are well versed in all aspects of cultivating a school garden, caring for their vast outdoor classroom, and appreciating the natural beauty of their outdoor environment, prairie, woodland, wetland and savanna. In October, 2017 they embarked on another educational adventure to learn about managing invasive species and saying “Bye, Bye to Buckthorn.”

On May 9th, Dr. Ann Maine, President, Lake County Forest Preserve District (LCFP) joined MSLF students for the culmination of this year long initiative. Dr. Maine talked about the importance of the work the students are doing. She said, “If every neighbor of LCFP worked this hard in the effort to manage the buckthorn, we would be in good shape!” Back in October, students and teachers learned about the larger LCFP initiative and about buckthorn within their space. The impact of the balance between an invasive species and the surrounding environment was discussed, and the need for the community to unite to manage and eradicate invasive species in order to support new growth of native species. Since then, MSLF students, parents and staff have been hard at work removing buckthorn from the school’s 5½ acre outdoor classroom.

Luke Buckhardt and Peter Gordon from Lake Forest Open Lands joined the students outside. At four different workstations, children from 5-15 years, pulled and lopped buckthorn of all sizes. German Exchange students from MSLF’s Adolescent Program were among the many students pitching in on the work. Julia Lunn, an Outdoor Education Director at MSLF, noted the arrival of the Spring Ephemerals Trillium, May Apple and Virginia Waterleaf to students, showing that the work they had already done in the fall to clear buckthorn is already encouraging the growth of these special natives. “The work is ongoing. We will continue in our Outdoor Education work to manage the buckthorn”, she said.

Here are pictures from this year’s Bye, Bye Buckthorn events:

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