Election Day at MSLF 🗳️🇺🇸

Election Day spirit is high at MSLF on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, as it is the day of the United States General Election.

Primary classrooms explored what it’s like to be a candidate, sharing their platforms with classmates, which included their love for the Earth, that they are helpful to younger friends, respectful and nice, and that they are sweet! They all have our vote!

From Lower Elementary Directress, Miss Jasinski:

“Lower El is hosting a Mock Election.  We historically have hosted this event in LE every presidential election. Our reason for doing this is to learn about the Electoral votes. LE children understand what a popular vote and this is an experience to learn how our election process works in the US. Often LE children believe the Presidential election is a popular vote and are surprised to learn it happens with Electoral votes. We are looking at how the population determines the electoral votes.

We also covered that there are actually 4 candidates running, though we are mostly familiar with 2. The children are often surprised to hear this as well.

Our Mini-Mock election will include votes from Primary classrooms and we will be assigning a pre-determined electoral votes to those classrooms based on numbers within the class.”

Upper Elementary students also studied the election process, including the Election Ballot being used in the General Election, and voting on a few items for their class, namely Best Dessert and a new rule for playing Gaga.

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