Teacher Appreciation Week: Carolyn Lanni

Today we feature our Primary teachers! 🎉

Carolyn Lanni is one of our three Primary lead teachers. Ms. Lanni began as an assistant at MSLF, and this is her 8th year leading Primary children. Her favorite thing about Montessori education is “children developing so much self-confidence and ownership over their education while maintaining their love of learning.” 💗

Like many parents of young children, Ms. Lanni loves to read when she can, while ignoring the unfolded “Laundry Mountain” in the corner, and likes any music her sons demand to listen to in the car. No doubt Ms. Lanni is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to travel again with her husband and sons. When asked “Where do you see Montessori in the next 100 years?”, she says: “Hopefully by then it’s just called ‘school.’ ”

Thank you, Ms. Lanni, for all you do for the children at MSLF each day! ☮️❤️🦉

(read more about our amazing teachers here: https://www.mslf.org/faculty-and-staff/)

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