Teacher Appreciation Week: Mia Stompanato

Mia Stompanato is our third Primary classroom teacher, and her journey with Montessori started when she herself was a Primary student. Those fond memories have come full circle, and now Mrs. Stompanato has taught at MSLF for nearly 30 years!

Mrs. Stompanato’s love of Montessori shows in this statement: “It really is an “education for life”. In addition to the wonderful academics, I feel that we are developing ethics and character that will be part of the person long after the Montessori classroom memories fade.”

Mrs. Stompanato’s classroom is known for her cooking and food preparation lessons, even though her mother did not let her cook as a child because she thought young Mia was too messy. About the MSLF community, Mia says, “I love that we are this great big family but each of us are looked at and treated as individuals. I think this passes down to the way that we treat the children and respect their individual interests and meet their needs.”

Thank you, Mrs. Stompanato, for all you do for the children at MSLF each day! ☮️❤️🦉

(read more about our amazing teachers here: https://www.mslf.org/faculty-and-staff/)

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