Teacher Appreciation Week: Our Staff

No doubt any school would cease to function if not for the team of assistants, specialists, staff and administrators working behind the scenes of each successful day! MSLF is supported by this amazing group of people, who make it happen for our children each day:

  • Ellwyn Bohnert, Health Office Assistant
  • Alex Close, Upper El Assistant and Outdoor Education Teacher
  • Tyler Ku, Toddler Assistant
  • Erin Moore, Toddler Assistant
  • Ashley Reed, Lower El Assistant
  • Teresa Pavelich, Administrative Director
  • Cathy Byerley, Primary Assistant
  • Hope Allegretti, Executive Director
  • Jane Victor, Primary Assistant
  • Lynn Grennie, Toddler Assistant
  • Kevin Gallagher, Facilities Coordinator
  • Tiffany Natale, Business Manager
  • May Chan, Primary Assistant
  • Yasmin Anderson, Lower El Assistant
  • Brandon Chartier, Outdoor Education Teacher
  • Monserrat Mares, Primary Assistant and Spanish Teacher
  • Suzanne Brown, Evening Receptionist
  • Eva Leung, Primary After School Lead and Mandarin teacher
  • Lynn Dolister, Receptionist
  • Margaret Stypik, Primary Assistant

THANK YOU for all you do for the children at MSLF each day! ☮️❤️🦉

(read more about our amazing staff here: https://www.mslf.org/faculty-and-staff/)

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