Today, Like Every Other Day

Dear Members of the Montessori School of Lake Forest Community,

What does it take to be a good citizen?

In our community, we believe that good citizenship is one of the ultimate opportunities and responsibilities of adulthood. Every day here, all of us, teachers, parents, and children, strive to fulfill our principles. We speak up for ourselves, we listen, we respect the rights of others, we respect authority, we challenge each other, we build community, we act with integrity.

No matter what happens in the world outside our walls, our principles endure. They are the foundation upon which we build good citizenship. Our example will enable our children to live up to their own principles when it is their turn to lead.

As Maria Montessori said, “Character formation cannot be taught. It comes from experience and not from explanation.”

My thanks to each and every one of you, in all your different roles, for being a part of this school community. Your integrity reaches all of our children, and it is a pearl beyond price.


Ann Jordahl
Executive Director

Science Fair 2017
MSLF Students Showcase Work at History Fair
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