Year in Review 2018: Montessori School embraces change in 2018

“Continuity gives us roots, change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights.”

– Pauline Kezer

The Montessori School of Lake Forest established itself as a leader in Montessori education more than 50 years ago, and maintains a leadership position today, holding steadfastly to the core principles that develop strong, independent, resilient, respectful, world thinkers, leaders and problem solvers who will define the future for themselves. This continuity in mission, purpose and focus – to instill in every child a life-long love of learning – has stood the test of time and lightning fast changes in the world, because at its core, it is based on the observation of each child as an individual, speaking to their motivation, interest, and curiosity.

While the Montessori approach remains relatively unchanged, it is rooted in a foundation that allows students, teachers and leaders to adapt to changes in the world around them and persevere through obstacles. It embraces the unique and distinct characteristics of each and every child in order to facilitate the educational journey and milestones.  The world may change, but observing the child and supporting their development within these changing dynamics does not.

Change is not only inevitable, it is critical to ensure ongoing growth and success across all aspects of society and human development. In a year of change at MSLF, the traits on which students and alumni pride themselves, resilience, adaptability, creativity, collaboration, problem-solving, and consistency, are the same ones that teachers, administrators and leaders at MSLF are using to navigate these changes. Times of challenge are also times of great opportunity, and as the school opens on a new chapter, it does so with confidence, optimism and excitement for what the future holds for the students.  The promise made to children and families at MSLF remains unchanged: to provide the highest quality education and preparation for the next phase of development and ultimately for life.

Montessori children are better prepared for life, and at the core of this trait is the root of Montessori education – developing children who are able to think for themselves, manage change and adversity, and have a resilience built in through the work of learning.

Nan Barrett
Acting Executive Director
Montessori School of Lake Forest

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