MSLF@Home Serves Community with Distance Learning and Connection During Shelter-In-Place

For the past 39 days, we have truly seen the strength of the MSLF community. ❤️ From the teachers who have been working more than ever, to quickly transform an individualized, hands-on curriculum into distance learning, using technology and virtual tools with which they were not familiar, and daily, personalized communication and connection with MSLF children. To the parents, who have taken on a whole new role at home, as teachers and as students, learning from their children’s teachers just how to manage these many days at home, while many are also trying to work their own jobs from home, or work to save their own small businesses.


The MSLF community is truly remarkable. We are a community that comes together in times like these, all for one purpose: to bestow upon our children, in the best way possible, an education best suited to their development. Montessori education by its nature is one that seeks to use a child’s natural environment as their “classroom”. And boy have we been creative during this time at home! As teachers now serve to guide students and well as their parents from afar, parents have stepped up to the challenge with amazing results. Children of MSLF are clearly thriving! 🥰👍


And while we mourn the fact that we will not see each other again during the course of this school year 😢, we are comforted by the photos we have seen from our community, children at home working and building on what they have learned during the course of the school year. As Montessori students, they are naturally resilient, creative, and motivated to learn from their environment. And they are doing great!


To read more about MSLF@Home, and what MSLF is doing during this time: https://www.mslf.org/mslf-at-home-distance-learning/

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